Murals: Public Commissions

My murals are generally painted directly onto prepared plastered walls. However it is also possible to paint on canvas in the studio and then install the painting on site at a later date, using batons and stretchers. Many of my works have been installed in this way.

I am happy to work either directly with the Client, or with their Architects and Interior Designers.

My work has been commissioned world wide, and I am able to work on site overseas if required.

Foyer of the Traders Hotel in Singapore
Oil on linen canvas, 19’x6′

The Restaurant Court Ceiling of the Podium Building in Bath
Acrylic on plaster, 45’x20′

Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Club. Elliptical hallway to ladies changing rooms and physiotherapy rooms
Oil on flax canvas

Archway at Eurodisney in Paris
Oil on concrete