Roderick Booth-Jones, Mural Artist

Having studied in Florence and at The Royal Academy of Arts in London, I specialise in
large and small scale commercial and private mural commissions.

My work has been commissioned all over the world, and include ceiling paintings, corporate murals, museums and atriums.
You can view some of the projects I have been involved with on this website.

I am also a fine artist as you can see on the Portrait Paintings page and the Landscape Paintings page.

If you would like to commission a mural painting please contact me.
I am also available for landscape or portrait painting commissions.

Mural Commissions – Public, Private and Corporate

I have painted private and public mural commissions all over the world, on a manner of different surfaces,
and covering a multitude of different topics.

I am available to create a wonderful masterpiece for you, be it large or small.

On a corporate level, I believe that murals should make a real impact either by size or colour,
and can be used really effectively as a PR platform or as part of an overall marketing strategy.

On a private level, murals are there to be a thing of beauty, to be seen by many.

I have been involved in a variety of mural projects over my many years as a painter and am more than
happy to discuss your requirements and visions.

Hand Painted Wall Art & Murals

I provide mural paintings that transform any room into a beautiful sight.

Have you ever imagined seeing a wall and visualise what a mural will look like adorned across it? Probably not! Let me explain. If you own a business, your office walls can be used for advertising with perfect hand painted wall art. Educational walls are a unique way to convey your teachings. Also, you can put informative hand painted signs on walls wherever necessary.

Murals are impressive, and they have the power to catch the eyes of people. They connect with the area they occupy and help property owners to be unique and memorable.

Add A Wow Factor To Your Space

As a professional mural artist I have worked across the UK and hold around many years of experience. Whether you want a classic traditional mural or a delightful modern one, I can help.

From enchanting childrens bedroom murals to eye-catching nursery murals, and from exciting playroom murals to beautiful ceiling wall arts, as a mural painter, I know what it takes to beautify your rooms. I offer bespoke mural paintings for all types of community projects, schools, hospitals, libraries, offices and more. You can count on me for the best, attention-catching wall art and murals that will make your property stand out.

I do my best to always exceed clients’ particular design needs and try to satisfy their contemporary or traditional requirements. Being one of the most reputable mural artists in the United Kingdom, I ensure the following benefits of working with us..

We guarantee your satisfaction with the art we make
I work will full heart and passion
I use the best quality paints and supplies
My services are cost-effective

Get Rid Of Boring Walls With Hand-Painted Murals

In the last few years, there’s been a significant rise in mural-based advertising in all the major cities in the UK like London, Cardiff, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool and more. It is evident that it has a huge opportunity to attract clients and grow your business. As far as your homes are concerned, murals and wall arts make your property stand out.

Many think that murals are just like simple billboards. In reality, they are much more than that. Murals can last for years or for weeks, depending on what you require and give a clear message that you consider art more than anything. Murals don’t really shout the message but gently bring your walls to life. As a result, the audience does nothing but engage with them.

I have worked on several murals across the UK as a mural painter, for some of the biggest advertising campaigns. Take your time to view our previous mural artworks at our gallery and read what our clients say about us.

Get A Wall That Talks With A Bespoke Mural

When we start our project, I will first design ideas for you. I will also advise you on what can best suit your needs and price options – all I want is to get you the best mural that goes with your room or requirement.

My clients count on me when they look for mural artists UK, spanning across all areas. As a mural artist, I deliver the finest quality wall mural paintings that are not just aesthetically appealing, but show a deep sense of humbleness, productivity, and responsiveness.

Through the years, I have mastered the art of murals in the UK. No matter what your business is, my services promise perfection with added creativity. Be it educational, marketing, construction, business, law, or art, I craft my skills in such a way that suits your industry and visual aspects.

My Promise

When you are on the internet looking for specific search motives such as “mural artists wanted”, “mural artists London”, you may get plenty of options. However, choosing the right one for your mural painter job is quite challenging.

But don’t worry. I am here to resolve this for you.

I handle each mural painting project with a guarantee of total client satisfaction. My secret of achieving the most successful results is listening to what my clients want and understand what level of work they expect from a professional mural art company in the United Kingdom.

While I am painting your mural, I know that I am a guest at your property. I treat your property with the utmost care and respect and protect your wood floors, furnishings, carpets and more. I believe in a clean and neat work process for the best outcomes.

The Best Mural Options

Being one of the most reputable mural painters in the UK, I am known for hand painting exceptional designs for your property. Transforming your home and commercial spaces is my passion, and I prove it with every project I take on.
I am an expert in painting exceptional murals that are distinctive and speak for you. I use the mixture of high-quality acrylics, emulsions and inks to paint the design you have in mind.

There are many examples of my previous work that you can see. I have worked on residential, commercial and corporate wall murals that have given a beautiful and responsive touch to libraries, hospitals, schools, offices, homes, and resorts.

If “mural painter wanted” is what your search query was today, look no further. My creative mural paintings are the best alternative for wall stickers and wallpapers. The best thing—they are the most affordable way to renovate your room. With murals, you have a wide array of options that suit anyone from children to adults.

Get in contact so that we can discuss your next mural project.